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Jessica's Personal Design Web Site


Hi my name is Jessica Shafer and I am a third year student in the Human Resources Program at St. Lawrence College. I love my program and what I am doing but my real passion in life is interior design and home decor fashions. I have been working at Pier 1 for the past 5 years and I am hoping to take a course in interior design when I am finished my program. I have created this website to share with everyone some of my favorite products at the store and some other sites that I think are great resources for people that share my passion, or are in need of some design help.


I have always been really interested in interior design, more so after I started working at Pier 1, it really occurred to me that I could possibly pursue this as a career some day, maybe even own my own business. I love the creativity that home decor allows for and how much you can discover about a person by just knowing their design preferences and styles. Many people really struggle with decorating but I have really developed a design touch and think that I could teach my sites visitors a few simple tips to help them with their dilemmas.

I have a great group of friends and family that definitely prosper from my love for design and decor. I am constantly being consulted for tips and opinions and everyone loves that I work and Pier 1 and have all of our merchandise at my disposal. I love that my friends and family consult with my for my expertise and it is a great opportunity for me to work with different spaces and design concepts.

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This site was last updated on December 19th, 2005
Merry Christmas everyone!



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